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Knowledge Of The Personal God

Mar 22 2002

         The two experiences of the Hindu religion are, to attain Godhood and attain the God consciousness. It is necessary for the enquirer to know what is the meaning of Godhood and how to attain it. The Godhood experience is a different experience from the another one (God consciousness). Hindu saints are classified into these two catagories. Godhood principle needs the feeling of the Personal God that are still existing in Hinduism. The feeling of the personal deity in the conscious state reflects in the three bodies of the human being. The attainment of Godhood feeling first appears in the physical body. This physical body is called as 'sthula sarira' of a person. All our feelings are worldly experiences. The physical body of a human being is constructed in a way to realise and experience the feelings of the matter world. Here the reader should note properly that the feeling and experience of the physical body, experienced by us in the first instance is in the mingled state. The truth realised in it is, the feeling of, the 'sthula sarira' will automatically seperate its existence when the practitioner grows. Afterwards the same physical body experiences the universal process and the energy processing principle. The second type leads the practitioner to enter the knowledgable world. This philosophy is in Hinduism. We need personal God for these experiences.

         Rituals, actions, chanting of mantras and praising God are the ways to reflect the personal deity's quality on us. This ardent following principle is called "Saguna bhrama upasana'. The meaning of this is, God has got form, He or She appears in front of us, hears our mantras, and their blessings are the contacts of the presiding deity. Hinduism emphasised all human beings are acting according to their existing guna (Quality). Without quality it is not possible to act. So too, the deities in Hindu temples designed by our scriptures have their various gunas. We people, need several types of qualities (gunas) to realise universal consciousness in various angles.

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