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Glimpses of Hinduism
Mar 22 2002

          The meaning of the word 'religion' is a belief to a religious man. But the same word's meaning is puzzling to somebody. What is my idea about the meaning of this word is, my own experience about this. To express my realisation I am writing here elaborately.

          There is a superhuman being existing beyond the creations (beyond all galaxies), who is controlling the creations and its changing actions, at each and every minute, in a very beautiful manner. His controlling actions are well balanced at all times and, if any catastrophy occurs to the universal bodies, that too is the action of that superhuman being who is called as God. The effect of this action is also good and beneficial for the universe and galaxies and it does not affect God in any way. The Creator stands apart from His creation at all times and He is the cause for everything.

          The dictum of Hinduism is, the first cause is The Creator and the second cause is the creation. The changing principle of the first cause is the cause for the second cause (creation).

          About this God, a union of people from time immemorial, have preached their experiences to the people at that times and they have recorded all the details in palm leaves and inscriptions. Many of these evidences are available in the form of books in the golden era of our time. And so many inscriptions and old palm leaves are scattered throughout the world which are still unknown and the knowledge in it is not available now. The formation of the religion which is still continuing in India is called Hinduism.

          The Asian people's 'ism' is all in the wise man's facts findings and principles about the superhuman being who is having all the power of creating, sustaining and destroying with him. This is the main thinking principle of Indians. Their aim is to know that superhuman being 'God', see Him and realise His existence, which will give an evolution to an individual. This is the purpose of Hinduism.

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