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Glimpses Of Hinduism
Mar 22 2002

          The believers of this fact and the non-believers of this fact at all times are in Asia. The non-believers in the Hindu school of thought say, beyond the universe there is no superhuman being who is controlling the creations. They believe their realisation is 'nothing'. If at all to realise, it is the matter world that is to be realised.

          The believers of God and their argument is, there must be a very powerful thing, being, or a different matter which is more powerful than the matter in the universe and galaxies. This school of thought strongly believes that, the existing matter-world is a part and parcel of the superhuman being or thing. The existing matter in the space differs from the superhuman thing, matter or God because of the changes that takes place every minute in our existing matter principle, which is named by them as the five great elements of God. These elements are created by the Almighty and He is doing the changes in the elements and other actions in it. The cause in the matter world is God's power, which is refered by us as energy. These two types of thinking schools are there in Hinduism.

          Difference of sex is not the decision of God. God has no sex. Sex differences occur at the time of birth to all beings. We will be going deeply into this subject later.         


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