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Evolution Through Cult Practices And
Athmic Thinking

Mar 22 2002

          From the very begining of human race, men and women in certain small groups of people were primitive thinkers. Their state of their mind was to live and survive to get the glorious leadership position. This is the first intutive stage of their thinking of the unknown. This type of human being's mind in the primitive stage of thinking of the unknown was always tempting because of their hold on the society under his administration. Here the administration I refered to is not the political administration of the society but only of the people. They desired that by knowing the unknown-something or power which is controlling the life and universe should be realised by them at any cost. In the first stage, we all think through the human body and mind to get hold of the universal power and rule the people. To get this position permanently they performed actions of unexplainable powers and demonstrations amidst the society. Here the cult thinking thoughts and the esoteric thinking actions will materialise easily and quickly for the benefit of the person. This is called the cults of the world. All cults and their rules, regulations, codes, practices to get these powers with the help of the five elements in the universe will make a man laudable. This is the stage of the primitive religion in the universe.

          Before Christ and before vedas, this was the kind of practice and the salvation of one by getting united with the all powerful pervading principle in the universe. The primitive people successfully conducted these methods and found out so many secret rituals. I am somewhat convinced that most probably this type of action oriented religion prevailed in the African regions and in the Asian belt.

          In Asia and India the primitive practical religion first originated and existed even before the four vedas and their practices entered the Asian belt, this must have happened in the fifth century and sixth century B.C. when hindusim the present form was not in the Asian belt.

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