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Evolution Through Cult Practices And
Athmic Thinking

Mar 22 2002

        Gods and demi-gods and all types of powerful practical rituals are not owned by hinduism. It is all in the cults. The above mentioned practice is true. Through this, a person can get powers and exhibit the supremacy of his being. This existed in the first stage. Other than getting these powers nothing else is possible for other types of emancipation. The primitive religious action oriented ritualists and cult followers in Asian belt further deveopled the cult science in two branches. The first cult is only getting ashtamasiddhis and powers. The second development in this is to acquire and conduct the first cult actions and principles through their body and penetrate to the conscious state of one's own life principle. This is called the tantric cult of India. Here the people are getting two benefits in this tantric cults. One is supernatural powers called ashtamasiddhis. The other is to evolute their lives i.e. consciousness. Through some special secret practice, they dragged the consciousness to the eyebrow centre to govern the life beings, animal kingdom and bird kingdom. According to each and every body's wish, this tantric secret cult is used by the primitive Indians in Asia.

       Some people may not desire for the conscious centre for their use because of the difficulty in that process. And they don't want to take risk of death. In this type of analysis, the one set of tantric practioner practiced for their equilibrium state of mind without the help of athma. This is very important in this line. They have not tried for that type of self realisation and the athmic cult of the supra knowledge, absolutism and ecstacy. Please note here that in all the cult practioners bosom, the creation of athma is not necessary. By sheer practice they strive to make it possible.


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