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Meditation & Third Eye
Mar 22 2002

         The meditation process is the work of the mind. Mind is our inner organ. Using the body's outer organ's is our natural habit and the work seems to be very easy. Likewise using the inner organs of the body is a natural practice of a man long ago before many centuries. But now it has become a special practice. People do not have a rigid idea about meditation. This particular sentence is an auto suggestion to the brain. Special function of our brain organ is called meditation. It is a religious terminology. The work in the meditation is going on in a person who is contemplating on a singular point or centre in the head portion. In the yoga a very particular centre is the place between our eyebrows. Here the third eye is opening. The centre point seen by the mind is called contemplation of that centre. This is my short explanation to meditation.

        In Hindu scriptures the various physical combinations of the body is the stuff (flesh and blood) for each and everybody's feeling. The human brain at the time of meditation functions and does its process in that line according to its physical combination. This quality cannot be changed. Man's quality is in the physical body. It is not in the brain.But the brain functions and acts according to the physical body. In the normal course in respect of habitual actions not related to mental functioning and thinking the brain directs the physical body actions. The brain power of a person is conditioned by the physical combinations of the body mentioned above. This is called guna. This main feeling and action is connected with meditation, contemplation and concentration. Actually to say, Guna works as a driver (as a car driver). Guna means quality of a man. It comes through the hereditary process. Mango has got a separate guna (quality). That fruits guna is in its seed. Neem has got its own quality. What is the action of this guna (quality)? The guna gives power to the seeing brain for its contemplation process and concentrating power. According to the power or according to the meditation, the third eye will open

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