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Meditation & Third Eye
Mar 22 2002

        The nervous system is situated throughout our body. Nerve and brain are the most important parts for opening the third eye. The forehead portion of a person is for your reference. The present condition of the human nervous system touches the brain nerve centres. But the forehead brain stuff is still to feel the touch and inner growth of the forehead nerves. All the nerves of the body's system have so far reached only upto the bottom portion of the forehead (eyebrow level). By constant meditation the nerves slowly grows piercing the membrane like bottom portion of the brain. Meditation is a special process to get extra power to the brain through the growth of the nerves piercing through the membrane in the forehead. Growth of the several nerves which have pierced the membrane in between the eyebrows creates the third eye. Result is 100% clairvoyance (power of seeing events in the mind). This out of sight experience is the result of the third eye.

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