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Mar 22 2002

         Contemplation on an object is called meditation. Contemplating is a minor work of the brain. Object seeing principle is concentration. This para's meaning is first to conceive in your mind as it is. Even without the assistance of Guru, anybody can contemplate or meditate. Read and know the meaning of the particular terminologies in this para. It will help you to start the concentration on your own effort. I am writing for this. Take the word meditation first. Its meaning is continuous functioning of little process of your mind. Meditation is a methodology in yoga. Then take the word concentration. Slight difference in the meaning is in it. A man with curiosity seeing the centre portion of an object does that work only as many times as possible. It is defined as concentration in yoga. Contemplation is synonymous with concentration. Do contemplate. It is another type of emphasizing meditation.

         First the yogic practitioner should select an object for the concentration. It is necessary and it is the free will of the practitioner. Through the internet, I am giving you one lesson to see with your mind or "Manas" in the Sanskrit language. "Manas" is the mind. When very little work is given to the brain, it is called as "Manas". Total brain is for some other work. For religious practice I am writing under this heading.

Lesson for Practice
         Imagine in front of you an 18 inches hollow glass pipe. With your "manas" you yourself take one small white ball of the size of a table tennis ball. From the top push the ball to the centre of the pipe. Now you are imagining a ball in the middle of the glass pipe. It is a concentrating figure for your yoga. Then you do a work with the help of your imagination. Imagination is the work of the brain. As the practitioner is very much interested in the meditation it is possible to achieve a slight tranquility in the state of the body, mind and intellect. At that time imagine that you are thrusting the pipe inside your body so that it is in a place between the Adam's apple and the navel portion of your upper body. The top and bottom of the pipe are now inside your body following my instructions.


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