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Mar 22 2002

Immediate realisation of Dhyana

          Dhyana means seeing. What a yogi saw as an object in the outer world is seeing the same in the inner space of the central portion of his body. First be conscious of seeing the object in the outside world. Afterwards close your eyes. With the mind or the manas now you see the inner centre portion of your body. This seeing principle is called Dhyana. On seeing the object in the outer world, the brain of an interested person immediately registers the object in the mind. After closing the eyes you slightly intuit the brain without any extra imagination. See the same object inside your body in a fixed position. The practitioner (called the Sadhaka in Sanskrit) immediately can see the object by the mind. The result is great pleasure. The seeing practitioners will definitely increase the time of their meditation. The practitioner can see the top portion of the glass tube, as well as the bottom in the inner body so that the full tube is visible.

         Before commencing the Dhyana first see (with your eyes closed) the top portion or the bottom of the tube in any order. The mind will travel through the pipe up and down and see the ball at the centre of the pipe. The more you concentrate on the ball at the centre of the pipe, the contemplation will be a success. The results from this practice are as follows:

  • Capacity to see any object inside the inner body. This will give a peaceful condition of the mind at the time of meditation.
  • Increase the natural inspiration to practice more
  • The distraction from the outside world will be controlled automatically.


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