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Raja Yoga - Part - I
Mar 22 2002

        This yoga was scripted by the sage Patanchali who invited the Lord Nataraja to Chidambaram. God gave his darshan to the Saint at Chidambaram and direced him to write a Yoga Sutra book. This short Yoga Sutra book of Patanchali is well known to the practioneers / sadakaas of Hindu religious world. In this Sutra, the Eight direction or the Eight fold practices are as follows :

  • Iyamam
  • Niyamam
  • Aasanam
  • Pranayamam
  • Prathyakaram
  • Dhyanam
  • Dharana
  • Samadhi

        The first four practices are called Antara Chaturangam which in English means "Inner Practices". The balance four are called Bahya Chaturangam which in English means "Contemplating on the materials of the outer world".

        Here Pranayamam is the main driver of Sushumna Nadi. Sushumna Nadi means a twisted coiled nerve like a lengthy thin oiled tube open on both sides resting on the bottom of the spinal cord.

         At the end of the accomplishment of this Patanchali Chaturanga Yoga, the practioneer gets the Eight great results called the Ashtama siddhis. These are as follows:

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