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Raja Yoga - Part - I
Mar 22 2002

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Raja Yoga - Part - II
        Hinduism has six great separate works called the Six Shastras. One among this is called the Yoga Shastra and in it the Raja Yoga is explained for practice. The same concept in small doses are given in two other books. One is the explanation of the Godess Devi, the book called Devi Mahathmiyam and another one is the book in praise of and salutation to Godess Lalitha Ambika in Lallitha Sasaranamam and in Lalitha Trishadi.
        In the first book, the Kundalini Yoga is named "Shri Vidya Mahayagakrama Yoga". This is similar to the performance of the Chandika Homam which is performed for the benefit of the public in a symbolic way for the outerworld. The same practioneer's inner creative yoga is called Shri Vidya Mahayagakrama Yoga. The practioneer of Chandika Homam can have a separate Guru to teach Kundalini Yoga. These two have separate instructions.
        As mentioned, the Sushumna Nadi travels from the bottom of the spinal cord upto the centre of the skull. It is important to direct the creative oxygen (Prana) through the nostrils and directed upwards from the bottom. The Sushumna Nadi passes through eight places. These are :

  1. From the bottom of Anus termed Mooladhara
  2. The creative organ of the human body termed Swadistanam
  3. The navel portion termed Manipooragam
  4. The hallow part of the chest portion termed Anahatam
  5. The Adams Apple termed Visuddhi
  6. The centre point of the two eye brows termed Aagnya Chakra

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