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 Brain – The Sole Cause Of All Practices (April 1, 2003) 

 I have referred in many places of my research papers about the new terminology of my own called “the conscious concentration”. The conscious concentration has to be classified under the ‘yoga’ practice. The yogi (the person who practices yoga) is thinking in his yoga practice. Thinking about the thinking function of the brain means the brain cell is concentrating on its own cell, i.e., on the brain cell.

I am doing the practice of brain concentration as and when I desire. In the brain concentration, the power of the brain will increase day by day. This yoga is to increase the brainpower of a man. 

Extra sensory powers, intuition, intellectual thinking and the I.Q. will be infant emergences of this yoga (brain power generating yoga).

The next is “conscious concentration”. This lesson is the second lesson in my new syllabus.

Conscious concentration is keeping the mind or your mind feeling on the tip of your nose and concentrating on the inhaling and exhaling of your breath. This concentration will not contemplate on any parts of the body and this includes the brain and brain cells also. This concentration is termed as ‘conscious concentration’.


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