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 Brain – The Sole Cause Of All Practices (April 1, 2003)

 The result of this conscious concentration is, it will produce the white ash (sacred ash) inside our body and in the outside universe also. Human body’s invisible change is our chemical change in yoga practice. This chemical change is the main cause for the manifestation of the sacred ash in the physical body of the person.

When this happens in the body of the religious person, the same universal manifestation occurs simultaneously at all times. Due to this, my photo – wherever they are in the blessing pose – the manifestation of the sacred ash becomes visible.

The decaying principle is natural to the human body. This principle is completely banished by the yogic feats. The manifestation of the sacred ash is a reference to this.

The body glands rejuvenate. The colour changes take place in the physical body. The sacred ash manifests in the inside body first and then becomes visible outside the body. At the time of manifestation, there would be a slight abnormal burning sensation in the skin. The skin at that place becomes somewhat black and then the sacred ash starts coming out from that place.

How the manifestation of the sacred ash occurs in the photos? This happens in two ways. 1. When someone sees the photo of such practioner and thinks about him, then the yogi also thinks about the person. Because of this the ESP power of the yogi gets extended and the manifestation of the sacred ash occurs in the photo seen by the person.


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